Net2Net - Multiple OVPN clients - Subnet Routing

  • Hello

    I have a Question regarding Routing of Subnets within a OPENVPN Network (Net2Net - not net2Host)

    Server:  Ipsense OVPN Server  - subnet

    Client1 NET:  Pfsense - subnet
    Client2 NET:  Pfsense - subnet
    Client3 NET:  Pfsense - subnet

    Each PFsense Client FW/Router have a ovpn Connection to the Ovpn Server.

    With this working configuration each Computer  or device in each Client Network can reach each DEvice within the Server Network (
    Also each Device within the Server Network ( can reach each device within each client Network.

    Now my Question:

    Is it possible with this Configuration that also any Device or PC in a Client Network can reach each other Device or Computer in each other Client network ?

    For Example A Computer with can reach a printer with

    So the OVPN Server have to route packages from to Net.

    Is this possible ?

    Best regards

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