Openvpn interface hitting wan IP when it drops

  • I'm having an issue where my interface that is configured for connecting to openvpn is hitting my public IP when the openvpn client disconnects.  So, while the openvpn is connected and working the traffic is sent through it but, if for some reason the openvpn looses its connection to the server it doesn't stop sending traffic over that interface it continues to but hits the wan instead.  I hope that makes sense.  I'm including screenshots to hopefully clear up any confusion but please ask clarifying questions.

    Here is my Openvpn client settings

    here is my interface

    Here are my rules

    And here is the specific rule that I want to fail when openvpn isn't connected but is not and is passing traffic to my wan ip

    And here are my nat rules

  • Not sure why images are not showing but if you right click and open in new page the links seem to be fine.

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