Openvpn multi WAN load balance/failover

  • Hello all,

    Hoping to get some answer here. I am totally new to pfsense and it is very impressive product and excellent work done by open ware community.

    I have different site with two MPLS and Internet connection at each site. Presently I am having all static routes.

    Site A                                                              SiteB

    |<=> Link 1 <–--------> Openvpn client
    Openvpn server |<=> Link 2 <----------> Openvpn client
                              |<=> Link 3 <----------> Openvpn client

    I tried to setup 3 saperate open vpn connetion using each link. Added all of them as interface and added as load balance gateway. Connection works only on 1 VPN rest show as down and when I take that one connection offline traffic stop which means only one vpn is active at a time and passing traffic and loadbalance or failover doesnt work.

    Please advise how can I achieve this ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Techies,

    Please help.


  • Anybody please help ?

    I just want to loadbalance between P2P and Internet but Internet traffic I want to encrypt so I am using open vpn?

    Any other suggestion please help.


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