Pfsense 10gbe lan

  • Hi, i'm trying to get 10gbe working between my esxi box and desktop but i'm stuck and i would love some help.
    I have two intel x540t2 cards, one in the desktop and one in the server. Each card has 2 ports but is recognized as 2 separate cards.
    On the server side the vms are assigned to VMX2 and pfsense vm is assigned to VMX2 and 3, once in pfsense i have bridged those two to get a "switch like" experience. However i've run in to some problems here. My desktop is connected to VMX3 and can access pfsense webif and the wan BUT it can't access anything on VMX2. I've created * rules on each nic so traffic shouldn't be blocked.

    VMX0 WAN2
    VMX1 WAN1
    VMX2 LAN: VMs (pfsense some linux dists etc) <-> hardware switch
    VMX3 LAN2: only pfsense  <-> desktop

    Any ides?

    I followed this guide

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