Question about Site to Site

  • Hi, i have a question about Site to site Connection.(ist running, but i want to know if ist supposed to be like this).

    For testing i set up 2 Pfsense.

    Pfsense 1
    Openvpn server
    Peer to Peer shared key
    IPv4 Tunnel Network
    IPv4 Remote network(s)

    Pfsense 2
    Openvpn Client
    Peer to Peer shared key
    IPv4 Remote network(s)

    Tunnel is up but Routing ist not working.
    Routing tables show that on client side, there is no route to server

    I solved this the old way, by adding openvpn interface + Gateway and Manual route on the client pfsense.

    on openvpn client setting remote network ist says:

    IPv4 networks that will be routed through the tunnel, so that a site-to-site VPN can be established without manually changing the routing tables. Expressed as a comma-separated list of one or more CIDR ranges. If this is a site-to-site VPN, enter the remote LAN/s here. May be left blank for non site-to-site VPN.

    there i added but it does nothing so i needed Manual route

    is this behavier normal and the text just misleading me or i am thinking completly wrong.

    MfG Alex

  • By manual route you mean static route?
    And what did you put as a gateway in the static route(if that is the case)?

  • I assign an addtional interface (ovpnc1 in this case).
    Activated this (no ip nothing just activated)
    Then i set an static route to on the gatway of this interface.(this was the way of doing this, as i know since years)
    But my question is, the text in newer Version state like this is not needed any more.

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