Gateway Routing Table Issue(s)?

  • I've had this issue since I started using GW Groups a few months back, all on 2.4b.

    I have 1 WAN Gateway, 4 VPN Gateways, and GW Groups setup for several things, all roundrobin and failover.

    The issue I have, is no matter which gateway goes down, it seems to reset the entire routing table and kicks everyone off everything.

    Example:  PC using 2 VPN RR GW's, FW Ruled for LAN PCs to Default GW, all else to VPN RR.

    I'll have a local lan connection via the default gw going, and one of the vpn's goes down.  It kicks the local lan connection off and seems to reset everything including anything on either rr vpn gateway.

    I'm at a loss, any and all help is greatly appreciated.  even if to tell me its a small silly setting  I missed somewhere.

    Thank you

  • not to sound unappreciative here, but thanks for all the replies..  I found that one silly option that fixed it finally.

  • And i appreciate you have shared the solution with us! I hope i'm not to sound unappreciative to you here!

    Is the "State Killing on Gateway Failure" in "System / Advanced / Miscellaneous" ?

  • Yes, that is the offending options/checkbox.

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