Feature Request: | pfB_Pass/Match | pfB_Block/Reject | All other Rules

  • I would like to see this very minor feature added to the rule order in pfBlockerNG:

    | pfB_Pass/Match | pfBlock/Reject | All other Rules

    Without this, all of my own rules get screwed up every time a cron job runs and the lists get updated.

    I have some ports/subnets where there are allow rules, followed by block rules, followed by allow rules.

    Without the additional "Rule Order" option my firewall does not operate the way I would like.

  • Moderator

    When you are interleaving your rules like that, its very difficult to auto-generate the order…. I would recommend to use "Alias type" rules and then manually create the rules as required.  Click on the blue infoblock icon in the IPv4 tab to get more details....

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