Freeradius start error

  • hello;
    We followed the tutorial until the end and it worked well.
    Every time we restart the computer, it no longer works and when we look at the services, the free radius has not started
    We are forced to start manually and it is embarrassing for a server to stay in the engine room
    Looking at the Log files, it seems that at the beginning, the free ray n does not access a myql
    How to make Free Radius start automatically?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Under normal conditions it will start automatically. You will have to provide more detail about your specific configuration, including:

    • Which FreeRADIUS version? If it's 2.x, uninstall that and install 3.x and try again.
    • How is FreeRADIUS configured? You mentioned MySQL, is it supposed to use that? What other options do you have enabled?
    • Show any radiusd log messages from the system log during boot time

    If nothing else, you can install the service watchdog package and have it babysit FreeRADIUS to keep it running.

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