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  • I know, I must be one of a handful of people that uses an actual mouse with a scroll wheel, but as one of them, I'll lodge this request:  remove the javascript junk on the blog that screws with mouse acceleration, it basically makes scrolling unusable - just one tiny up or down scroll jumps huge amounts.  Even in other contexts there's rarely any kind of common sense case to be made for fiddling with scroll acceleration on desktop.

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    Are you talking here?

    I use mouse with scroll wheel, and not having any issues with scrolling that link.. Is there some other blog your talking about?

  • I just tested with my scroll wheel in chrome.  The speed is ok but there is a weird jump affect as the scrolling slows down.

  • Hi,

    Maybe this could be the issue? There's a work around in chrome settings.
    Disable "Smooth Scrolling"!topic/chrome/camZVtTiGyo;context-place=topicsearchin/chrome/category$3ABeta%7Csort:relevance%7Cspell:false

  • except smooth scrolling is nice, the blog is the only site with the issue. :)

    I dont care that much I was just posting feedback here to confirm the issue.

  • That's the site (the pfsense blog as opposed to…?), and if you pick around in the javascript for the theme they've purchased,there's all sorts of scrolling f***ery going on there.  I'm sure it varies from browser to browser, OS to OS.  I'm Chrome, OS-X.  It's site-specific. I've seen similar behavior on a handful of other sites, usually WordPress blogs with one of those themes that has a 200+ item bullet list of features to justify the cost of the theme.

    Just pointing it out, if the blog guy doesn't grok the code they have in place that's fine, just noting it's totally annoying and gratuitous.  It resides in common/common.min.js.

    I also have no interest in disabling "smooth scrolling" to correct one site.  I like my smooth scrolling elsewhere, TYVM. :)

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