OpenVPN - Radius Proxy - Radius Server

  • Hello,
    I have setup successfully a OpenVPN and Radius Server back-end authentication.
    Everything is encrypted and it is beautiful.

    What I want to setup a Radius Proxy

    Laptop Connecting –---------> OpenVPN Server -----------> Radius Proxy -----------> Radius Server

    Obviously the Radius Server at the end of the line is the one doing the authentication and sending it back to the OpenVPN Server and so on.
    The reason behind this is because the Radius Proxy will sit in my DMZ section of the network so as not to expose the internal LAN.
    So far I have not been able to successfully do this setup.
    Is there any more ports that needs to be opened between the Radius PROXY and the Radius Server in order for them to communicate ?

    Has anyone done this type of setup before ?
    I' am moving away from virtualization of the OpenVPN Server and I am going to install it on a 1U custom server of course running pfsense. It will become a dedicated VPN box and I can take advantage of Hardware Acceleration

    Edit : Totally forgot to mention that the Radius Proxy and Radius Server are Windows Server 2016

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