Windows Network Loadbalancing behind pfsense

  • Hello I have a pfsense 1.2 box running our firewall

    And I have just set up some new servers with windows network load balancing, I cant use the load balancing in pfsense as these servers once configured will be going offsite. anyway I have tested the loadbalancing is working inside our DMZ however when I try access the load balance IP from our lan or outside on the internet nothing shows up.

    I have port 80 allowed to any ip in our DMZ I can access each servers webserver indevidually by its dedicated ip but when I try to access them from the virtual ip nothing happens.

    as it works from inside the DMZ where its not accessing the firewall it seems to be its some kind of issue with the firewall.

    Any ideas?

  • You have port 80 allowed to any IP at WAN interface I suppose. But have you set up NAT? If packet hits your WAN interface IP port 80 it must be NATed to Windows NLB common IP address (DMZ).

  • we dont use nat as we have a /26. Im not sure what was causing it. I set up a different hostname pointing to the IP and that worked so I think it must have been some other IIS/windows issue rather than the firewall

    Thanks for you help

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