Mullvad VPN but no internet

  • I have been trying to setup mullvad on my pfsense box, it has an IP address but I get no internet from my clients.
    I have so far followed the guide by mullvad to setup on pfsense:
    set CA,
    Set cert and key.
    Copied all NAT and changed to opt1, which is where I have assigned mullvad
    I have changed the allow all LAN rule to opt1

    All 3 interfaces on the home page of pfsense, WAN, LAN, OPT1 are all showing IP addresses.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Try to access a public IP address to exclude a DNS issue.

  • If i got into firewall / rules and disable the allow all LAN through OPT1 gateway I have internet access, but not through the VPN as my WAN ip address shows up when I check. If I re-enable that rule I get no internet access to anything. Can't get to or google.

  • What's your LAN network. Post the outbound NAT rules, please.

  • Here is the outbound NAT settings. I have been trying the setup piecing together from many different sources today.

  • Here are my LAN rules, As you can see I have disabled the OPT1_DHCP rule now to allow me to access the internet.

  • After posting that screenshot I noticed that in all my fiddling around I was missing a NAT rule. Seems to be working now, is getting a different address to my WAN address.


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