2.3.4-p1 Breaks PFBlockerNG broke one VLAN, rest ok

  • I also went into problems after upgrading to 2.3.4-p1.

    I have two physical NICs in my pfsense-box and 2 additional VLANs.

    After upgrading pfsense, PFB does not work on just one of my VLAN-interfaces. The others are working without any problems and I did not change anything after upgrading PFS.

    Also the logs do not show any error on this.

    What I tried is deactivating and activating the VLAN-interface in PFB, restarted the PFB-service an the whole machine.  I also can ping from the VLAN and reach the corresponding web-address via browser, seing the point on a black page.

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    To confirm, can you ping from each VLAN, and can you browser to and get the 1x1 pix from each VLAN?

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