Blocking using Aliases

  • Hello, I'm hoping that I got this all correct, and it's something else.

    I have setup a Alias containing 206.169.***.0/24 which should be 206.169.***.1 to .254 or so.

    I then went to Firewall -> Rules -> WAN and created a new rule that states, Protocol (any) : Source (Alias) Banned : Port (any) : Destination (any) : Port (any) : Gateway (any) and then I created another one with the same except with Source (Alias) (any) : Destination (Alias) Banned.

    I moved them to the top of the list, and reloaded the filters as pfSense tells me to.

    I then go to Diagnostics -> Ping and try to ping, say 206.169.***.30, and it still pings. I have also rebooted the firewall.

    I am running pfSense BETA4. If there is anything im missing, please let me know! Thanks guys/and girls! :-)

  • You have to try it from a client behind the pfsense or at wan. the filter block connections incoming on an interface. if you ping from the pfsense itself it's outgoing traffic which will be always allowed.

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