Nesting of aliases

  • Is it possible to nest IP addresses?  I would like to set up something like:

    Home_IP=peter_IP, dan_IP

    This way I can change a home IP address only once and not in multiple places.

    It seems like this can be done with Ports but not hosts.

  • Not currently but it is something we are looking to do at some point in 2.0.

  • Is it my imagination or does it work with ports?

    I don't get an error when I nest ports:

    Name          Values                                        Description
    ports_Zix  389, ports_HTTP, ports_mail    Ports used by ZixMail

    Just wondering.



    ps. It would definitely be worth having in 2.0 - it simplifies administration quite a bit.

  • I take back my previous post - it allows you create the rule but is doesn't load the rules.

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