Change mac-adress on the box! Need help today!

  • So, here I go.

    Im in Portugal and fixing internet for my parents.

    The thing is I need to change the mac-adress on my oven-box so its the same as there old router.
    I don't have the time to call there internet support to send out a new signal getting a new mac-adress because I'm leaving tomorrow.

    Is there anyone that can help me? I need to change the macadress tonight so there internet will work before I leave!

    please please! this is urgent!

    Best regards / Anders

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    Easy, go to Interfaces Tab, select the Interface you need to spoof, and type in the desired MAC in the "MAC Address" field.

    Also see this article, you may need to use shellcmd (it's a package you install) to run the interface in promiscuous mode (you should not need to do this with an intel NIC, but it may be necessary with a Realtek or other cheapo NIC):

    Here's a thread on the topic:

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