Blocked website help

  • I have a nzb website that I can't access when I have pfBlocker enabled. I have whitelisted the IP and website domain but it is still blocked.

    Pressing f12 in firefox just shows the site has timed out.

    Firewall log shows that my auto allow rule is allowed on port 443.

    This is happening on both wired and wireless clients. I can disable wifi on my phone and it gets straight through.

    I can ping and tracert on both a machine on the network and the pfsense box.

    I have snort running only in alert mode and it has ET POLICY Lets Encrypt Free SSL Cert Observed.

    I have followed most of the guidelines for blocking and allowing certain ports etc.

    I have tried grep the ip and website addresss in /var/db/* and not getting any results. Not sure where else to try.

  • From the general tab of pfBlockerNG what is the 'Firewall auto rule order'

    You can ping the domain and get a reponse, does nslookup return the expected address?

    What does the alerts tab of pfBlockerNG show once you try and visit the website.

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