Change webgui HTTP AND HTTPS port

  • Hi

    I can change the HTTPS port to a different port but HTTP remains on port 80 (which prevents me using HAproxy to listen on the port)

    if i disable HTTPS (http only) and change the port it moves to the port i want and does not listen on 443 (but no SSL on

    is there a way to have custom HTTP and HTTPS ports e.g 44480 and 44443 respectively while having HTTPS enabled

    or is there a way to entirely disable the webgui listening on HTTP if HTTPS enabled

  • as a workaround to this, less than ideal but works :)

    i want to have HAproxy listen on port 80 and 443 which is why this request came about so i disabled https for the webgui and set the http port to a random port

    i then used HAproxy to terminate the SSL for the firewall admin interface and then pass back to the admin interface port for the firewall hostname

    now i can also add other listeners to create an SSL terminating reverse proxy gateway to internal resources as i wanted to do in the first place.

    not keen on the webgui either being HTTP only or requiring HAproxy to be working to access but its not a huge trainsmash for me in either case

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