ISP port bonding

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    Hi all,
    I have a docsis 3.1 Motorola MB8600 with 4 lan ports that I can use for bonding from my ISP to deliver higher speeds.
    How would I set that up in pfsense 2.4?

    I only need 2 ports which I assume would be WAN1 and WAN2, but I do not want load balancing rather port bonding. Is there a provision in pfsense to handle this?

    Also I am using virtual IP's to direct 4 static IP's to different interfaces. LAN, WLAN, SERVER1, SERVER2. I also have 2 more interfaces available, WAN1, WAN2. Total six NIC ports.

    Currently pfsense 2.4 is working nicely with one WAN port and four interfaces.


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    I did know about LAGG and I assume that is for load balancing and failover. And LACP is a switch protocol. The port bonding on the modem I believe is a completely different thing. The specs on port bonding are not very clear and may be just another type of Link Aggregation similar to the protocols on managed switches.

    If anyone has done this, let me know.


  • There are no ISP's yet (that anyone seems aware of) that have begun to use the port bonding. This is an ISP enabled option.

    But the Motorola ports will act like a switch.  My ISP is still trying to get the config file for the Motorola correct. But while it was working here I had two WAN's active using one on one port and my second on the other port.  (actually ports 3 and 4 on the modem.)

    Not exactly load balancing but it does keep my server traffic and my general use traffic on different interfaces.

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    . that thread was helpful. i will see what my isp can do for me. two redundant channels would also be helpful

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