Custom OpenVPN install package : tap0901 ?

  • Hello,

    i followed this guide ( ) to create my own openvpn install packages…

    I customized it well but something goes wrong :

    If i keep the original tap0801 driver, all goes right.

    But the article says (and other sites too), that you need tap0901 driver for Windows Vista (even, i have to admit haven't tried, on my own, tap0801 on Vista).

    I strictly followed the guide, created the package and installed my custom package w/ tap0901 driver.

    But, even in XP, the OpenVPN service doesn't start, after such an install (tap0901).

    The service can't start w/ error eventid 1075.

    After a few searches, i discovered that, the service keeps searching for the old tap0801 service while i had installed the tap0901 one !

    I edited the "openvpnserv.exe" (supplied w/ OpenVPN sources) before creating the install package, and notice that it refers to "TAP0801" !!!

    So i changed the "8" to "9", saved the .exe and created again the install package :

    All runs right now !!!

    So, why am i posting if all works ?

    Because i really don't like the way i solved it and wanna know if anyone have met the same problem and how he has solved it...

    Thanks again,



    P.S. : By the way, if anyone knows how to script a "runas" function before creating packages (for deploying the package w/ restricted rights users but for which a common administrator password has been set), thank you very much

  • Generic OpenVPN questions are probably best asked on the OpenVPN mailing list ;)

  • Yep…sorry  :(

    I like your "backup" definition  :)

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