OpenVPN server over PPPOE internet source

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if an openvpn server is achievable with my internet connection.

    I have pfSense 2.3.4p1 installed. My WAN interface gets it internet connection using PPPOE. This gets an ip from the the provider with a 33.x.x.x ip. This is NOT a public ip. We are an NGO that works in refugee camps - there is no local ISP - just wifi internet providers that bring internet from across the border using Mikrotik routers. So I presume there is multiple NATing going on.

    I have an OpenVPN server & DDNS configured. If I try to connect to my vpn server via the wifi isp provided ip address from a client using the same network - everything works. If I use the dynamic dns ip or domain that resolves to the original ISP's ip address - I get TLS timeouts. I presume that this is because of the multiple NATing.

    Is there any solution - we have multiple sites all of our sites get their internet connection this way albeit from different providers.