Connected IP shows remote address, not local

  • I'm running OpenVPN and have a number of subnets and firewall ports open.  For example, let's say my OpenVPN subnet is and my domain name is  My workstation IP, before the OpenVPN connection is, for example.

    When I make an OpenVPN connection back home to, my IP, if I do a 'what's my ip' search, is my home IP address, which makes sense.  It's not passing traffic through the connection for web browsing or anything like that.  However, the problem exists if I start to look at the apache logs on a server that has a firewall port open on it.  So, for example, if I connect to after I made the openvpn connection, my IP in the apache logs is instead of the

    Is there a way to tell OpenVPN to use the IP instead of the IP that it's showing when I make that connection?  Something makes me think that I can't but was wondering if anybody knows what I'm talking about and if there's a setting to change for it.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'd need to change your DNS such that OpenVPN clients would talk to a DNS server that returns the internal IP address for "" when they look it up.

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