Virtualizated CARP pfSense with multi WAN on unRaid

  • Hello,

    I have an test environment with an unRaid hypervisor. There´s an virtual machine running pfSense on the unRaid server. It´s bare metal virtualization with an whole quad port Intel NIC completely passed through the VM (so no bridging or so). I´m going to have two WAN connections in load balancing mode and two LAN´s. Both WAN connections must be ran with an ISP provided router, so both router´s of the ISP will create their own network and the pfSense VM is getting an IP of each of the networks. The two created LAN´s of the pfSense router are going to be my two main networks which I am going to use then. One of them will be a guest network and the other one just a normal internal network for all my client´s an server´s. Now, my main concern is what happens if the unRaid server goes down. Then my Network doesen´t have a DHCP and DNS server and no internet access at all. So I thought, I have an old terra (wortmann) securepoint firewall, which runs great with pfSense, why don´t use it as a Backup. Is that possible, or should I just build an harware pfSense firewall/router? There would be enough room in my rack. But I don´t want to have additionally energy and hardware costs. Oh and just for Info, this won´t be an enterprise network or so, just my private one. So back to my question, is it possible to have one VM and one Hardware pfSense firewall with 2 WAN´s and 2 LAN´s in an CARP failover cluster? Sorry if my english is bad, I´m from germany.