Problem with Captive Portal when redirecting

  • Hello, very good, I wanted to consult the following, some time ago I configured a captive portal to share internet in a school (this one without authentication), all good until they asked to address a website where students automatically play a video (hosted on YouTube) for Then be directed to the school page, the thing is as follows

    -If you connect to the open network, the first site (first image) is thrown to you and pressing the button automatically directs this by the variable
     Value = "$ PORTAL_REDIRURL $">

    Then they are directed to the website of the school (second image) where a video of the school is reproduced on the website, once finished playing this video redirects to Facebook of the school, this for the configuration of the website

    The thing is that the students close this site where the video is played and browse without seeing any of the 2 sites to address

    The query is:
    Is it possible to cut off internet access if you do not see the video?
    Can the user be returned to the initial site to force him to watch the full video and then be redirected?

    I hope they can help me because I could not solve this error
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  • I'd create a pre-auth page that passes the user from page to page (embedding content or using iframe for facebook), and then allow them to click "connect" that authenticates them.

    if they close the window they'll have to go through it all again. They'll soon learn ;-)

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