Captive Portal + AD authentication + Squidguard Web filtering

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    My first post here. Searched around for a solution but in vain. So hoping I will get some help.

    I have pfsense set up with two interfaces.. One WAN and one for the local network. I have captive portal working with Active Directory Authentication(Using radius) . I now however want throw in some web filtering into the mix. Basically what I want to do is block access to certain sites ( youtube, facebook etc ) for some group of users (based on active directory groups)  while allowing unrestricted access to some other groups. I would like to use the captive portal authentication that the users had to go through for access for the web filtering as well. I dont want them to have to input their username and password again. I see that SQUID offers captive portal as in option for authentication but enabling it does nothing…. Any ideas and pointers on how I could achieve this set up will be appreciated.

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  • Would appreciate some help!

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