OpenVPN Connect via LTE Only

  • Hi all,

    I currently use OpenVPN to access my home network, but don't require when I'm on my LAN.  I tried setting the "Connect via" setting in the OpenVPN app settings on my iPhone to "Cellular Only" but when I do so, my iPhone will no longer switch back to WiFi when the VPN is active on the LTE connection. Anyone encounter this issue?

  • It seems one of my settings was causing this behavior not allow OpenVPN to switch back to WiFi.  I took the following out of my config file:

    keepalive 10 60
    redirect-gateway def1

    Seems to work now, but any ideas as to which of these settings would have prevented the OpenVPN IOS app from switching back to WiFi from LTE while connected to the VPN?

  • Ok, I've narrowed this down.  It seems the redirect-gateway command is what's preventing IOS from switching from cellular to WiFi when "Cellular Only" is enabled in the OpenVPN settings.  Any thoughts?

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