Problem with Captive Portal

  • I have some problems with Captive Portal

    I am using 2 interfaces wan and Lan, my lan interface is connect at switch where i have to 2 wireless access point.

    When i disable captive portal, everbody at wireless conection can access the web, when i enable captive portal, nobody cant access web.

    My wireless access point do DHCP for users, i dont do DHCP on pfsense lan interface.

    How i can solve this ?

    More information please.
    Can you draw a diagram how your system is set up?

  • Thanks for reply, i found the problem, I am using wan port of my wireless access point, is this way the wireless client dont received DHCP address from pfsense server, i change to wireless access point lan port,
    and captive portal work.

    I tried to use multiwan and captive portal, but read at forums that doesnt work, i will try a way to get solve this problem.

    I need load balance and failover, but in my case captive portal is the most important.


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