Upgrades failing from 2.4.0.b.20170809.0029

  • I upgraded my system to 2.4.0.b.20170809.0029 last night and I've seen three updates flow as of this morning, the latest being .1228.  None of these updates since .0029 have been able to update.  Any ideas how to either reset or force the updates?

  • Fixed by pkg -f update.

  • Works with ```
    pkg -f upgrade

    at least after```
    pkg -f update

  • I also just had an instance where I'm told I have a version later than the release.  Changing the update channel from stable to development then showed a new 2.4 update available.  Switching back to stable continues to show the update.

    BTW, I'm told "pkg -f …" is an illegal option.

  • put the -f behind it  ;)

    pkg update -f
    pkg upgrade -f

  • I'm having similar issue. On build from 6th, but whenever I update, it reboots and still shows older version. Then after that, it no longer sees version newer than build from 17th, the one I tried to update to. Everything is working again. It didn't even complain.

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