OPEN VPN Client (PIA) and OPEN VPN Server on same PFSENSE box. Firewall issues

  • Ok, so I have an OPEN VPN Client connected to Private Internet Access on my PFSENSE box, that is setup to send specific traffic from one machine on my LAN over this VPN to PIA.  This is working correctly.

    Second:  I have an OPEN VPN Server that I want to use to connect to from other devices while away from home to tunnel my traffic back to my home, and then out over my standard connection to the internet, AND have access to the LAN.

    I have been able to accomplish this effectively as well when it was my only VPN on my PFSENSE box, but it stopped working after I configured my PIA Client connection.

    My hunch is that I hosed some firewall rules somewhere, but try as I might…this isn't my strong point and I haven't been able to get it to work.  Right now, from a mobile device, I can connect to my VPN Server, and I can ping the pfsense box on its local address when connected to the VPN.  However, I can't ping anything else on my LAN, nor can I access the internet through the mobile device.  In summary, when I connect a device to my OPEN VPN Server, the device's connection to the greater internet dies a quick death.  As soon as I disconnect from the OPEN VPN Server, everything starts working fine again.

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