Slow download times when wget files from Web Server behind FW.

  • Hello Guy
    We are having trouble when trying to download files from Web Servers behind the FW. The files are not that big, and there is plenty of bandwidth, GigE. Any Suggestion on where to start troubleshooting?
    When Web Server is out of the FW there is no lag in download , .8 sec length.

    HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
    Length: 3747676 (3.6M) [application/xxxxxxxxx]
    Saving to: `'

    100%[=======================================>] 3,747,676    107K/s  in 28s

    09:58:24 (132 KB/s) - `' saved [3747676/3747676]

  • CPU utilization is very low 3%, system logs don't display any errors. Not sure what to look for here. NIC i doubt is the issue…i have 2 pfsense in failover mode. I have tried shutting the primary.Tested with secondary with same results.
    I also tried to enable Traffic Shaper but this didn't have much effect either.
    Any suggestions?


  • You need to give us more technical details, you've given us next to nothing to go on.

    Version of pfSense.
    Network infrastructure.

    As GruensFroeschli originally pointed out, your problem - as described - could be caused by a million different things.

    I actually read this thread whilst it still had GruensFroeschli's replies in it and I must say I think your tone towards him(?) is unwarranted and downright rude. He(?) was trying to coax more information from you so that he could actually help you, and the post he wrote (the one which you refer to with "idiot") was jovial rather than insulting or demeaning.

  • Hello bern

    Here is some more info on our enviroment, i apologize to my comments…sometime people get frustrated.
    phSense 1.2-Relese
    Configured in failover enviroment
    Network card is Intel PRO 1000 MT
    Hardware 2 HP NetServer 1000 , PIII, 1000MHz, 1G mem
    Network architecture is very simple web server is behind the FW, NAT to internal IP... Port 80 is open...
    Some linux machines from outside the FW are making the wget calls to retrieve the files from the web server, what is happening is that when there are a good amount of req to web server, FW under load approx 10000 + sessions there is long download times for the linux machines. But even with minimal load the download time for these files is still long. Of course not as long as FW when FW is under load.

    During firewall load CPU is at 6-7%

    If you remove the web server from FW then the download time drops drastically.

  • Hello guys

    Anyone has experienced this issue before with slow download times from web server behind firewall? If so what are some of the things you did to eliminate the problem.

    Thanks in advance.