Azure VM keeps Disconnecting, and requires entire VM to be built again

  • Hi,

    I have this VHD which has been prepared for of sense. I can deploy the VM using this image. I need to have 4 network interfaces attached to it, however when I enable the new network interfaces, the VM stays connected for sometime and it disconnects with no way of connecting back. I will have to rebuild the VM and then try again. The disconnect happens only after adding new interfaces to the VM and enabling them. I have looked into outbound NAT settings and added the local network settings to LAN address 172.x.0.0/24, however once this is done the connection remains for a longer duration but after that disconnects. Can anyone suggest me how to get this up and running.


  • Update from the last check, pfsense gets disconnected after a couple of minutes from enabling a second interface.

  • I'm assuming the VHD is a custom image and not marketplace pfSense?

    To confirm:

    1. So your setup looks like this on Azure right – assuming the vhd has one interface assigned on deployment

    pfSense                Nic1  (WAN)              {what subnet?} 
                          Nic2  (not yet assigned) {what subnet?}
                          Nic3  (not yet assigned) {what subnet?}
                          Nic4  (not yet assigned) {what subnet?}

    1. When you assign & enable Nic2, you lose connectivity?
    2. How are users connecting VPN, public ip, etc?

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