Intel ix driver woes

  • Hello.  great job on 2.4 as of this writing the road-map says only 52 open.  that is 15 less than yesterday!

    Anywho, I seem to be having some trouble with the ix driver.  upon reboot, sometimes I get link and other times not.  I have to initiate the interface in the GUI.  For example if i have "no carrier" status on the ix interface, I can change its speed and duplex in the interface assignments from default to manual and get it to come up.  I can change it back to auto and it stays up.  Upon reboot it doesn't matter which is selected, I don't get link.

    Uplinking to a cisco 3800 metro Ethernet router/switch

    Of course this is me accessing the pfsense box from a different interface.  After i get the ix interface to come up, it works great until the next reboot.  then I have link problems with both ix0 and ix1

    supermicro x9scl-f motherboard
    intel x520 network card
    intel sfp+ on both interfaces

    Any sugestions or things I could try?  Thank you for any response.

  • Suggest checking firmware on the Intel X520.

  • This is now resolved.  Looks like one of my sfp+ optics was bad.  replaced and now all is well.  With link on both interfaces

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