Query reference pinning traffic using firewall rules

  • We have two internet connections, one with our static IP's for our web services and also general broadband connection. The PFSense is supposed to be doing traffic management with firewall rules to send traffic from certain devices or going to specific sites via the static connection and route everything else via the broadband.
    The rules are set as follows
    Protocol          Source                          Port  Destination            Port  Gateway
    IPv4 TCP/UDP  Internal Systems Alias    *      *                          *      Static
    IPv4 TCP/UDP  *                                  *      External Sites Alias  *      Static
    IPv4 TCP/UDP  *                                  *      *                            *      Broadband

    These are set on the internal 'LAN' connection. Is there anything else we would need to set to get this working correctly?

    There is an issue on our broadband where some sites we access don't work due to the settings on the broadband connection. These sites work through our static connection (we've plugged directly into our static connection to test) but we don't seem to be able to pin the traffic to the correct connection.

    Anyone either give me some pointers on this or point me to a good idiots guide?

    forgot to say, i'm running 2.3.4-release-p1

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