[Resolved] stop ping immediately

  • It's not a great problem, but if it's possible to resolve it.

    I've LAN interface and DMZ interface

    On LAN interface, I've a rule that block ping from LAN to DMZ.

    I launch a ping (ping -t) from a PC in LAN, to a server in DMZ. The ping is not walking. That's good.

    I modify the rule: "block" become "pass". The ping start immediately. That's good.

    But now: I modify the rule: "pass" become "block". Then the ping continue… That's not good.

    I've found that if I stop the ping on the PC, wait for few seconds, and launch the ping, then it's really blocked.

    Is it possible to have an instantaneous block of the ping ?

    Thanks for all.

    Best regards.

  • Kill the states of that connection.

  • I go in Diagnostic > States.

    Then I see two lines for my ping:

    • LAN to DMZ (request)
    • DMZ to LAN (reply).

    The ping is working fine.

    A modify the rule: it pass from "pass" to "block".

    The ping continue.

    In Diagnostic > States, I delete one by one the two lines for the ping.

    The ping stop immediatly.

    It's working fine !

    Thanks for all.