Whitelist IP GeoIP2 address with pfBlockerNG

  • I'm trying to white list a specific IP address to keep GeoIP2 of pfBlockerNG  from blocking it (its in a country that is being blocked). I found links that show it for pfBlocker but not pfBlockerNG.

    The goal is to add whitelist ip addresses to access port 25 inbound.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Moderator

    Create a new Alias in the IPv4/6 Tabs called "Whitelist" and add the IPs to the "Custom List" at the bottom of the page. Set the Format to "Permit Outbound".  Then confirm that the "Rule Order" option in the General Tab places the Permit rules above the Block/Reject rules…. Alternatively, use "Alias Type" rules and manually create the rules as required....  Firewall rules are processed Top to Bottom....

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