PfSense and access to website via HTTP

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with my pfSense, because I can not access to any website via http from LAN. I can access to the same website via HTTPs. Port 80 is open in pfsense firewall. I made telnet to some website via port 80 and it's work. I added all rules to firewall for IPv4 too, but access to websites via HTTP doesn't work. What is wrong? Which options I must change to access websites via HTTP? Any ideas?


  • Hello @poznan-michal

    Check your firewall rule:
    1 - make sure Lan can talk to DNS, very important
    2 - Lan no rule to block site that you are trying to test
    3 - Best practise: try to use source = lan in your firewall rule,
          because that is the group that you are trying to serve, name it

    if still problem, goto
    => Diagnostics> Ping:

    1 - If you can not ping, check your wan config [since your https accessing is ok, i just make sure]
    2 - If your result can not translate to IP, check your dns config, you must missed config something

    if you are using static IP on WAN
    check your gateway, and add one if not exist

    [in case you not sure how to do:
    => System> Gateways> add new
              address fam= ipv4
              name = [b]mainGate
              gateway = gateway from ISP
              check = default gateway
              monitor ip =
    => Wan interface:
    check if mainGate is chosen @__IPv4 Upstream Gateway__ ]

    It's better if you can reboot your pfsense after above!

    @@ Goodluck

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