Does pfsense log to disk the snapshot update process?

  • So updated my snapshot from late january to the today snapshot via the supported method of hitting update in the GUI.

    Watched it on the terminal and some php warnings/errors popped up but I now dont have access to them as it since rebooted to finish the update, after the update I had to report a bug due to php module errors causing startup warnings.

    Post update analysis seems to indicate 3 php modules failed to update and by coincidence those 3 modules also have 444 perms instead of 644.

    So is there a log somewhere so I can debug what happened during the upgrade process?

    I fixed the perms to 644 and will do another snapshot update later after a new one is available to see if the modules get replaced.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The log is kept in /conf/upgrade_log.txt

  • ok thanks

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