Building a useful and up to date IPv4 list for everybody

  • After looking at some tutorials online i realized there is allot of mess out there.
    Most of them have list in there that are not longer updated or already in some compilations they use.
    That means downloading unnecessary stuff and strain the bandwidth and pfSense box for no reason.
    Also the firehole compilations seem to have stuff in there that is outdated.

    I guess we all have the same goals. Blocking bad stuff and removing ads.
    The last two days i made a list of everything i found and went through everything a view times.
    The goal is no compilations, just stuff that is useful and is valid.
    Also as less as possible strain on the network and CPU. It doesn't make sense to run a cron every hour if maybe everyday is enough.

    From my point of view we need 4 categories - see what i have in mind under "IPv4 lists"

    I'm not an expert. But i believe we have security gods here :)
    So with the help from people here we can build a good list?

    Tell me where to but which feed and which are useless and i will update the list.
    But keep in mind that many people today have IoT devices, game consoles, TVs, VoIP, own clouds, tablets and all this stuff in there network that needs protection.

    I used allot of github links because often they are faster or the original source has a funny format.
    Tell me if there is a better link as source for the given feed.

    I guess my list is to long for a posting here. So i upload and update it here:

    1. IPv4 lists
        Everything that is checked and categorized.

    2. ToDo list
        Everything here needs to be checked and categorized into the Alias Names.
        The Firehole leves are only here to see what they have in there.

    3. Still updated??
        Are they still updated? Maybe the list is not updated because nothing
        changed but is still valid? I also found out that "last time updated"
        on is not always correct.

    4. For Whitelist??
        This is all stuff. But i did read the lists are not current
        and only the payed ones are the updated list?
        There are also ISP lists. Are this there IPs they distribute to the end user?
        If yes it makes no sense to but them in the whitelist!?

  • #################
    IPv4 lists

    Alias Name: Deny_Both, Action: Deny_Both, Frequency: ??

    Alias Name: Deny_Inbound, Action: Deny_Inbound, Frequency: ??

    Alias Name: Deny_Outbound, Action: Deny_Outbound, Frequency: ??

    Alias Name: Whitelist, Action: Permit_Both, Frequency: ??

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