Change ip by a name in the browser of my captive portal

  • Good, I'm new to pfsense. I have configured a captive portal but I do not know how to give a name to my portal instead of leaving ip …. I was watching opnsense and that option gives me the same page of the captive portal but I want to do it in pfsense since it is more professional. Please some help on how to remove the ip to my captive portal and put a name using http protocol. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    You are telling nothing about your setup, so I'll explain using mine as an example.

    First of all, it's impossible to get rid of IP's. They will always exists  ;)

    My captive portal lives on OPT1 - I'm using LAN for my own needs.
    I'm using the DNS Resolver.
    On the setup page of the DNS Resolver, I added a Host "Override". My OPT1 interface address is (LAN is
    I added :
    Host : portal
    Domaine :
    Description : Whatever you want.

    Know that declaring a host for a domain will not force your clients to use the this name … The captive portal is hard coded to use the interface address IP when working with "http mode". https mode will (have to !) change that.

    Now, the funny part : you have to switch to HTTPS login on the captive portal page.
    As a domain name you chose your "".
    And ... you have to chose a certificate that your clients will accept (the Let encrypt acme package can help you here).

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