Was 2.4 released - showing on newer version than official?

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    2.4.0-BETA (amd64)
    built on Fri Aug 11 01:11:58 CDT 2017
    FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p11

    The system is on a later version than
    the official release.

    Never mind - somehow my update settings got switched to stable vs dev snapshots.  Once I moved it back to dev showing a newer snapshot.  But is a bit odd, I for sure do not recall changing that…

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    There have been a few changes over the last week or so to how the update checks are handled, and there have been a couple small issues that happened as those were tweaked. It should all be OK on current snapshots, but in a couple cases you might either have to run an update check a manually in the GUI (Click refresh on the line in the widget, or visit System > Update) or fall back to doing the update from the shell for good measure.

    Overall it should be better from a speed and load standpoint to not have it running pkg every time the dashboard is hit.

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    Thanks for the feedback.. Is there something that could of changed it from dev to stable?  That is the part that is confusing to me.. I for the life of me do not understand why I would of changed that, and have not been into those setting since went to 2.4 betas..

    But any changes that lower load and increase speeds are good things.. So can chalk it up to some oddness that are bound to happen when running snapshots of a beta, etc.

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    If it's not set, it defaults to Stable and since for 2.4 "stable" and "development" are currently the same thing, that doesn't do much beyond recreate the links to the pkg repo config.

    Either setting will track 2.4 right now but the change comes once 2.4 is branched/released. "Stable" users will end up on 2.4-RELEASE and "Development Snapshots" users will keep following snapshots.

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    Ok it was prob on default.. I know have it set to dev on purpose.. When I see 2.4 release I will change it to stable - so that clears it up for me.  Thanks!

  • Same  thing happened to me  - I was a tad confused!

    I rebooted again and it corrected itself..

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