Services not starting following update

  • Only on the first reboot after applying an update a number of core services (including dhcpd, unbound, ntpd) are not coming up.  I'm not sure when it started as I'd been assuming that it was the box I'm using shutting down but not actually restarting (that was a problem I had when I first installed 2.2, fixed by a bios update), but the box is coming back up and if I SSH in and reboot it then all the services come up as they should…

    This is an area where I'm not strong on, so any advice related to troubleshooting that first reboot after updates apply would be appreciated.

    If I reboot the box after that everything comes back fine, the problem is only on a first boot post-update.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The logs for the system and the various services you are having problems with are probably the first place to look.

    Make sure you are actually letting the upgrades finish. There is often quite a bit of package install work that gets done after the reboot.

    Watching the console can help here.

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