OpenVPN site to site + client to site problem

  • I have 2 sites with a site to site tunnel, site A (server) to site B (client), and both sides can access all hosts on both sides.
    I have also a client to site tunnel at site A, and the client can access everything within site A, but nothing at site B.
    I have allowed openvpn traffic from any to any at both site A and site B under firewall rules.
    In the client to site server i checked the box "Redirect Gateway - Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel."
    I'm i missing anything? Why can't I access Site B from the client through site A?

  • You've to tell the site-to-site vpn to route the responses to the vpn clients back over the site-to-site.
    To do this, add the clients tunnel network to the "remote networks" in the site B settings.

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