Openvpn server with LAN access + PIA openvpn client

  • Hi,

    I have a few problems setting up my openvpn server in addition to running a PIA client.

    A few weeks ago I setup an openvpn server to remotely access my LAN which worked till two days ago when I setup a PIA VPN client. Now the PIA VPN client works, I can still connect to my openvpn server but I cannot access my LAN through that VPN connection.

    What I did:

    • I set up two interfaces on for the openvpn server and one for the PIA VPN client
    • Configured the firewall rules so that I can access my LAN through the openvpn sever
    • Configured NAT outbound for PIA VPN client
    • Openvpn server is on
    • LAN is on

    From my LAN I can ping machines on the openvpn network but not vice versa.

    I have found a few similar threads on this forum but so far, I couldn’t get my configuration to work. Based on what I read I somehow need to setup a route so that the openvpn server can access the LAN. I thought this is what the ‘IPv4 Local network(s)’ setting within the openvpn settings was for.

    I really appreciate everyone’s help! Sorry if this is a very obvious problem I’m new to the pfsense.


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