Locate client in which AP

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    i configure my AP's as bridge and i have many building each building has it's own AP and configure as bridge and PFsene DHCP server is distributing ip for clients.

    How can i know the location of ip , for example i have building A and B and both of them have it's own AP and there client with ip how can i know it's exist in building A or B

    if i want to use the captive portal i want to specify a Zone to specific AP how i can do it also

  • Netgate

    You don't.

    Use controller-based wi-fi and the controller will tell you exactly what AP they are connected to.

    You cannot put two different captive portal zones on one layer 2 (bridged) network. You would need to make two separate networks for that.

  • what is "controller-based wi-fi  "

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