(Solved) Dashboard/Widgets/top menu(while on dashboard page) broken

  • Problem started a little over a week ago, after upgrading to a new snapshot.
    Not sure it's relevant, but it's a SG-1000.

    I had 3 columns of Widgets, the middle and right columns are missing, completely.
    The left column exists, Interface statistics stays at "retrieving interface data" and never updates.
    Menu along the top is also non-functional while on the dashboard page.
    If I manually go to another page, the menu works as expected. If I click "show states" it works, and from that page I can use the menu normally.

    I haven't located any error messages that would point to why this might be happening.
    I've upgraded snapshots multiple times since, hoping to resolve the issue and it has not been fixed. (both from shell and gui)
    I am currently running 2.4.0-RC.
    I've attempted to change it  back to default two column mode, and still same issue.
    I've used different browsers/computers/devices, no change.
    I've tried a different theme, no change.

    Any thoughts on how to figure this out?


    I figured out some more of the puzzle. (figures, after I submitted)
    The next widget right under Interface Stats is packages.
    I don't have any packages installed. and <sarcasm>I'm apparently being punished because I don't</sarcasm>
    If I install a package (Notes, for testing purposes), suddenly the whole dashboard, menu, etc is functional.
    If I then uninstall Notes, I'm left with a broken dashboard again.

  • Developer Netgate

    I'll take at look st thi in the next day or so.

  • Developer Netgate

    I can confirm that this does seem to be an issue with v 2.4 and 2.3.

    Recorded as Redmine #7811 and now fixed.

  • Thank you Steve,

    I went ahead and removed packages, confirmed the issue still existed.
    I then manually applied the patch you committed and refreshed and it does fix the issue.

  • Developer Netgate

    Great. Thanks for testing. I have closed the Redmine issue

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