Hosting Server Through OpenVPN

  • I've recently been trying to make a VPN that allows people who run it to redirect their server's traffic through the VPN and out the VPN server itself, this way the client doesn't need to port forward or have any networking knowledge, just let my pfSense handle all the port forwarding and routing.

    I've made this before and it worked but since then I've forgotten and some layouts in pfSense have changed, for the better although in my opinion. Could I have some assistance for this concept? The idea is for novice users to just run the VPN, set their server's local IP to the VPN IP they get and then I do the rest for them.

    Extra detail, I've made the OpenVPN interface, I've tried to push "redirect-gateway" to the openVPN gateway, I've made a LAN rule to attempt to redirect traffic, and NAT'd the client's VPN local IP.
    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Bump! 72 views, am I asking a stupid question or is it just something that's a pain to explain?

    Thanks in advance

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Need more details.

    In general the trick to port forwarding into pfsense and across OpenVPN to a server on the remote side is:

    1. Assign an interface on the destination side. The side with the target server on it.
    2. Make sure the rules on the OpenVPN tab do NOT match the incoming, port-forwarded traffic on the destination side. Make sure the traffic is matched by the rules on the assigned interface. That gets reply-to working so reply traffic isn't routed out the default gateway on the destination side.