Non-VPN speeds affected by VPN

  • I originally posted a similar question in general discussion because I wasn't sure the VPN was the cause of my problem. I am now pretty certain that the VPN is at least the trigger.

    Is use OpenVPN with Private Internet Access for my whole network except for selected sites and devices, like my Roku and Apple TV that work well using the VPN.  My ISP is comcast, and my contracted speed is 300Mbps.  In the past I would consistently test at 300+, even through the VPN.  I recently experienced problems with my comcast service that fortunately seem to be resolved.  However, now I've noticed that my download speeds are much slower, testing between 60-90Mbps, depending on the site.  This includes devices and websites that bypass by VPN and go straight to the LAN.  The one exception to the slow speed is the comcast speedtest, which consistently measures 300+.  At first I suspected some sort of manipulation by comcast, but if I connect directly to my modem I get 350+ on all test sites.

    I tried disabling the VPN interface and rules.  When I did, all my test speeds increased.  I turn the VPN back on and speeds drop again.  This would be understandable if the speed drop only applied to VPN traffic, but it shows up on non-VPN traffic as well.  For example, Ookla speedtest on my non-VPN Apple TV goes up and down depending on whether the VPN is enabled.

    I thought it might be caused the by the latest 2.3.4-1 update, which I applied a couple weeks ago, but I reinstalled previous version 2.3.4 and there's been no change.

    I don't think this is related to my hardware.  My pfsense box is probably overpowered with a quad core pentium with 4Gb of RAM.  In the past the CPU never topped 15% when testing 300Mbps over VPN.  It's not showing any higher CPU usage now.

    Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

  • I recently setup openvpn and found similar issues, I decided to check whats my ip and some of the sites are showing my real ip where as others are showing my vpn ip which should not happen in my eyes.