Openvpn disconnecting with clients every other day

  • Hi all,

    I am running a openvpn server on my pfsense firewall and I have 3 remote clients right now. The openvpn server is on the network. The three client are,, and A couple weeks ago the clients were all connected fine. Recently though, I can only reach one of them. Yesterday I was able to connect and reach via ssh and today I am able to connect into but not the other two. The remote clients are all running debian btw.
    I have created keys for my personal laptop and went home and I can connect into the internal network as well. I thought it was a firewall issue at first but after taking the host firewall off, I am still left with problems..

    I'm thinking the Client Specific Overrides (static routes) that were set up beforehand is giving it problems. Here is the config:

    All 3 remote clients have a CSO like this one below

    Openvpn Server