Zabbix / Monitoring Gateway Status

  • I am looking to monitor gateway status - to be alerted when gateways fail, but importantly too, when they come back up. 
    Am trying to understand:

    • how pfSense logs gateway events, so that these events can be 'filtered' in Zabbix
    • and if anyone has any experience how to set up these alerts in Zabbix

    I don't want to simply monitor gateway status using ping, as we set gateways to fail, based on latency / packet loss - not just basic availability

    I would appreciate any guidance / reference to any helpful links!
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hey man! Follow the steps below, the language is portuguese I guess you will understand.

    In additional I recommend you remove from the log the commands that will executed by script. Try do this in sudoers file.

    Best regards.

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