Solarflare SFN5122F Dual Port 10GbE PCI-E Driver is not loaded by default in 2.4

  • Hello, I bought a very cheap Solarflare SFN5122F on eBay for my home 10GbE solution. I checked that FreeBSD supports it long time ago, and in```

    However, the driver is not automatically loaded like other ethernet cards, and I have to run```
    kldload sfxge
    ```to load the driver.
    Is it possible to recognize it in pfSense, and load it automatically? I believe this 10GbE budget card has been used by many people here, and it will be really useful to have it working by default.
    Edited, even having```
    ```doesn't automatically load for unknown reason.

  • you have to copy the driver to the /boot/modules directory